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  • Dylan

    My wife and I just returned from a two week trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. We have Japan roaming' at all times for Google Maps help was an absolute game changer. It also helped when using the real time translator, which helped us many times.

  • Delphi

    I found the Japan roaming to be one of the things I would 100% get again. You can use unlimited data in the day for Google Maps or facebook, browsing and music and then still be able to use Netflix at night time without worry.

  • Tei

    For my girlfriend, I got Japan roaming delivered to our hotel (paid for online in advance of the trip), and it worked great.The real time translator was awesome. you just drop it in any mailbox before you go to the airport when you leave.

  • Angela Wu

    Definitely recommend japan roaming wifi hotspots. One hotspot easily served the needs of five people. Hotspot battery lasted until night. Even don't need a battery bank. Unlimited data was great. Also, you even don't need to think of using an Airbnb's free internet.

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